Forest Homes

The 195 sqm typology of the Forest Homes architecture takes full advantage of the views of the landscape and the sea, and also of the characteristics of the terrain on which the houses are situated, slopes and forest.

The breathtaking views are, indeed, worth preserving as the homes sit on the Santo Amaro hill with direct views of the ocean, the green hills and in the distance, the island of Sao Jorge.

Image of the Forest Homes

Image of the Forest Homes

Immersed in an inspiring force of nature, each Forest Home is planned and designed as a "house in the trees". The island's heritage and nature are celebrated with the use of natural materials.

Volcanic rock and stone, panoramic glass windows, and local cryptomeria japonica wood create a home that makes the most of the mountain site, while highlighting the sea views and the surroundings - vivid green pastures and slopes, a truly picturesque and natural environment.

The private terraces offer a perfect integration with nature, while maintaining an intimate and secluded space ideal to contemplate the wonderful surrounding landscape.

All houses will offer high energy efficiency for greater sustainability and less environmental impact.

Image of the Forest Homes

“Raising the wood material to another level. The trunk that had always been attached and hidden in the depth of the Earth rises to another dimension, where it is possible to admire the great ocean.

And the better way to do it is to create a base of volcanic basalt stone to support it, the natural material that was the origin of the island. The local basalt stone is the foundation, a central block, that allows a panoramic and cozy shelter".
-Mega Architecture Studio

Eco Retreat Homes with a Premium Service
A New Concept of Contemporary Living in Nature

It is a turnkey project and you won't have to worry about any building or decoration details. Your home will be delivered to you ready to use and when you're not using it you can opt to rent it as a holiday home.

Image of the Forest Homes
Image of the Forest Homes