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In the Trees

Photo of Forest Homes

Forest Homes

The 196 sqm typology of the Forest Homes architecture takes full advantage of the views of the landscape and the sea, and also of the characteristics of the terrain on which the houses are situated, slopes and forest.

The breathtaking views are, indeed, worth preserving as the home sit at the Santo Amaro hill with direct views of the ocean, the green hills and in the distance, the island of Sao Jorge.

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Forest Homes

The Forest Homes Cottages also have most impressive views, even though at a lower level. The key living spaces are located on the top level: the open-plan kitchen, the dining room and the lounge.

The family's work and bedroom spaces are on the lower level.

Both levels extend into the view creating the impression that the building sits in the mountain and within the forest landscape.

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Photo of Forest Homes Cottages
Photo of the lava homes

Lava Homes
+ Lava Homes Property Management

14 Lava Homes for Rental
Reception services
Grocery Shop
Magma Restaurant
Laundry & Cleaning Service
Yoga Studio
Swimming Pool

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The Azores

Mother Nature has created a land full of natural beauty, ready to be explored, in the blue immensity of the Atlantic Ocean.

Vivid green meadows and pastures, black lava fields, volcanic landscapes, bubbling thermal waters, pockets of dense steam, turquoise-toned lagoons and bottle-green lakes, cultural landscape vineyards, and a truly unique fauna and flora.

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